Mark Taylor

Tracks: (MPS samples)
  1. Mr Twister 7.44
  2. Kickback 8.01
  3. The Blue Pearl 8.53
  4. Shakedown 7.09
  5. A Look Within 8.38
  6. Bodymind 8.43
  7. Fight Or Flight 4.01
  8. At Dawn 8.41
  9. With Thanks To Hank 4.24

All compositions by Mark Taylor and Copyright Control

66.37 mins


Mark Taylor
tenor, alto, soprano saxes, bass clarinet
Scott Tinkler
Jeremy Sawkins
Alister Spence
Adam Armstrong
acoustic bass
Toby Hall

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'Shakedown' RF034

The debut CD from in-demand saxophonist Mark Taylor and his very creative band. Highly infectious, up to date jazz, strong tunes with seductive rhythms

'a resourceful set' PENGUIN JAZZ GUIDE
'Taylor's art is of the sort to sneak up on you rather than batter you into submission. The saxophone (mostly tenor) is beautifully recorded, capturing his natural warmth and clean articulation of exceptionally melodic track passes without a special solo from Sawkins, Spence or Tinkler, with the ballad At Dawn especially notable'
Shand SMH

'it's hip-swinging evidence of the talents, both compositional and instrumental, of one of this country's most promising solists. You're not likely to find a better example of Australian contemporary post-bop...Four stars at least: great stuff' Cal Clugston REVOLVER

'a who's who of contemporary Australian jazz...record on his muscular, stylistically diverse Shakedown' Pearce DRUM

'easily ranks as one of the best jazz albums of the year'

'Australian Mark Taylor seems the musician most likely to make a bid for the big time. His all-originals program has a strong, yet finely nuanced undertow but doesn't pander at all. The grooves laid down by the rhythm section dance, but never pull the band into a rut...a lyrical tendency pervades the date adding to its accessability'
David Dupont CADENCE (USA)