Alister Spence /Myra Melford

Tracks: (MP3 samples)
  1. Why Say Dreams Are White?   4:12
  2. A Bird Translates 18:04
  3. The Houses Of The Fishes 15:32
  4. Circular Dispersion Of Tones 12:53
  5. Everything Here Is Possible 12:57

Recorded by the ABC in Eugene Goossens Hall, Sydney, 9 November 2012
Engineered and mixed by André Shrimski
Mastered by Paul Bryant at the Chapel of Sound, Sydney, 15th January 2014
Design Cheryl Orsini
Producer Alister Spence
Music copyright Alister Spence (control), Myra Melford (GEMA and BMI)

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 Everything Here Is Possible

Alister Spence (Australia): Steinway D concert grand piano
Myra Melford (USA): Steinway D concert grand piano

Internationally acclaimed US pianist/composer Myra Melford, and one of Australia’s most original pianist/composers, Alister Spence weave an extraordinary, unified soundscape in their first musical encounter.

Everything Here Is Possible is a series of duet piano improvisations recorded at ABC in Sydney in late 2012. At that time Myra was touring in Australia with her band, Trio M, with performances in Perth, Sydney and at Wangarratta Jazz Festival. Alister and Myra had previously ‘met’ on email through a mutual friend, Japanese pianist/composer Satoko Fujii. 

The recording session was set up by Gerry Koster, host of the ABC’s radio program Jazz Up Late. Gerry invited Myra and Alister to record an improvised set of music for his show, at the Eugene Goossens Hall in Sydney, with Andre Shrimski as producer and recording engineer for the session.

There was very little discussion beforehand concerning the form the improvisations would take. However, from the first notes (which you hear on this disc) it was clear there was a meeting of musical minds. Both players were listening intently to the music as it evolved, and adapting to each other’s ideas in a natural and organic way.

The result is a wonderful body of work; the two instruments blend together in a manner that makes it often difficult to tell the players apart. At times the music is beautiful, mysterious, playful, angular, but always it is vital and engaged. The five tracks have an entrancing sense of timeless unfolding, as the two performers take you into their singular sound-world.
This is a very special listening experience!

The tracks on the album are unedited and in the order that they were performed.

‘Real time’ preparations were used in the piano by Myra and Alister on two of the tracks.

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